Apr 102016

An Outstanding Resume as a Career Improvement Tool

Topic: Career Improvement

Graham Caulfield of Expert Resume Man will present during our April Meeting. Having worked for both small and large companies, such as, Zig Ziglar, Honeywell, Telstra, NEC, and Philips in Marketing, Sales and Personal Development, Graham has exceptional insight into just how a résumé needs to be written, and presented, to gain that all important interview. Remember, NO interview, NO job.

An Australian at birth, but a Texan at heart! Graham immigrated from Australia when he married his Dallas born wife Renee. His goal is to be a difference maker in the business, personal and spiritual lives of as many people as possible.

Graham is a member of The National Resume Writers’ Association (NRWA)
Website: http://expertresumeman.com

Monday, April 11, 2016

Networking at 6 PM; Dinner at 6:15 PM

Haggard Library

2501 Coit Rd. Plano, TX 75075

Dinner $25

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