Nov 012012

The Art of Political Involvement

Terri Freer, Chair Legislative Committee

Texas Business Women, Inc.

This month's program, the Art of Political Involvement, will be presented by Terri Freer. So, you've cast your ballot and the rest is up to the politicians, right?  Wrong!  Your political involvement does not end at the ballot box.  Come and hear from Terri what you can do to be more involved.
TBW of DMN Nov 2012 Terri Freer Legislative Ms. Freer is the current Legislative and Advocacy Chair for Texas Business Women as well as the President of the Tarrant County League of Women Voters.

November 26, 2012 at 6:00 pm

Southfork Hotel, Plano, TX

Central Expressway, NB frontage road at 15th Street exit

Dinner $25,  Reservations required

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