Feb 102012

She Spies — A Private Investigator's Career


Anji Fussell is the owner of She Spies Private Eye, Inc.,  a full-service Private Investigations Company in both Austin and Dallas, Texas. Anji has an Associates Degree in Law Enforcement and a Bachelors of Science Degree in Criminal Justice. She started out by first working for the Adult Probation Dept at the age of 19 writing Pre-Sentence Investigation Reports. She then became a Juvenile Probation Officer where she realized her love for working with children. After 7 years of working as a JPO, and being burned out by the system, she then went to work for the Austin Police Dept as a Background Investigator. While working for APD, she met a female PI who advised her that she should enter the private sector. Anji did the research and started her business in 2003.
She Spies Private Eye handles all types of services but specializes in domestic cases which consists of infidelity and child custody. Anji also specializes in runaway cases and transports at-risk youth going to wilderness programs and therapeutic boarding schools. Anji has been featured on the Judge Alex show, many news stations, and has even filmed a reality TV show for CBS, but unsure if it will ever air. She is still currently working with several producers who are still interested in a She Spies Private Eye show.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Southfork Hotel, Central Expressway, NB frontage road just north of 15th Street, Plano TX

Networking 6pm, dinner 6:30pm – $20

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