Sep 022011

TBW of DMN Oct 2011 Change Your Life


What Happens When You Grow Up and Discover You Want to "Be" Something Else?

Face Your Challenges and Follow Your Dreams!

Transitioning into a new career is always challenging.  However, there are additional challenges when that change occurs while raising a family and approaching 40 years of age!  Debbie Cunningham spent twenty years in the business world working for Hilton Hotels, Dr. Pepper, government organizations and entrepreneurs.  During a stint as a stay-at-home Mom, she completed her MBA  and then followed her dream to attend and complete law school.  Today in her law practice, Debbie works with individuals and small businesses to help them protect their assets and plan for an uncertain future.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Southfork Hotel, Central Expressway, NB frontage road just north of 15th Street, Plano TX

Networking 6pm, dinner 6:30pm – $20

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