Apr 062011


The Beautiful Mind

The greatest gift of beauty God gave every woman


Lifelong entrepreneur Tim Gillette had a long history of working, but not always doing what he dreamed of doing, working for others, until an accident stopped him from working in the way he knew it.  He began a journey into the world of entrepreneurs, where he learned the value of mentoring, mastermind groups, and coaching to help people achieve success through many kinds of life transitions.  Tim will help us identify effective ways to face our own challenges and transitions. 

Rocker Life Coach is a coaching company designed to help individuals find their purpose and dreams in life, then work to achieve those dreams and fulfill that purpose.  Tim's goal for everyone is to help them find a plan that allows them to live their ideal life.  A key part of this is helping entrepreneurs build a solid small business from their ideas without cutting short their success.

The Rocker Life Coach motto is:  Live the life you always wanted.  Love what you do and who you share your life with, and let me help you become the RockStar in your world.  Tim's commitment is to help everyone become that RockStar!


Monday, May 23, 2011

Southfork Hotel, Central Expressway, NB frontage road just north of 15th Street, Plano TX

Networking 6pm, dinner 6:30pm – $20

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